Ohhhhh les jolis noms...

Si vous cherchez un nom en anglais pour un clan, cette liste peut vous aider. Elle a été générée aléatoirement par un programme PERL, créé par mon ami développeur FrogKiller...

Sadistic Demon
Ancient Shotgun Riders
The Crimson Pain of Putrefaction
The Dancing Machinegun of pain
Axe Surgeons
The Gibbering Guns
Furious Thunderbolt Tendancy
The Titanic Double-barrelled Shotgun Legion
The School of Thunderbolt Decay
The Satan's Fear of Doom
The Scorching Noose Overkill
The Golden Nuclear
The Writhing Axe Pigs
The Titanic Guillotine Avatars
Decaptitating Guillotine Overkill
The Radioactive Assault
The Enraged Machinegun Taskforce
The Order of Nailgun from rue du Dome
The Terrible Cannon Clan
Golden Warriors
The Chaingun
The Foul Fear Decay
Chaotic Nuclear Psychosis
Rotten Cannon
The Horrible Knife
The Wonderful and Frightening World of Guns
Wonderful and Frightening World of
The Terrible Machinegun for Lucifer
The Stoned Torturers
World of Nail Abomination
The Furious Machinegun Commando
The Horrible Pain Vendetta
The Chaingun
The Horrible Guns Vendetta
Sweet Nuclear Riders
Ancient Shotgun Nation
Satan's Knife of Chaos
Rabid Nailgun Murderers
Foul Knife Riders
The Puking Doctors
The Lost Zulus
The Rotting Shotgun
The School of of Putrefaction
The Twisted Death Assassins
The Chaingun Heritage
The Demonic
The Cannon of pain
The Psychotic Nail of the Apocalypse
The Nailgun Central
The Rotting Lightening Service
The Thunder
The Ugly Demonic Marines
Machinegun Central
Dark Nail
The White Cannon Champions
Nihilistic Lightening for Lucifer
The Suicidal Fear Pigs
Tall Double-barrelled Shotgun Warriors
The Golden Thunderbolt Assassins
The Mad Thunder Taskforce
Sweet Double-barrelled Shotgun Pigs
The Frightening Chaingun Thieves
The Guillotine Service
Ugly Guillotine of Hades
The Sweet Fear
The Shining Guns Doctors
The Murderous Scythe
Suicidal Demonic
The Ninja Blood Thugs
The Our Lady of Lightening Collective
The Horrible Guillotine Warriors
The Chaotic Machinegun Fury
Scorching Nuclear Warriors
The Decaptitating Lightening Pigs
The Radioactive Club of Death
The Lightening Assassins
The Decaptitating Shadows of Neptune
Jupiter's Bears from the Underworld
The Rocket-riding Wolves
Five of Pain
The Rotting Web of Hate
Pale Machinegun Bears
The Giant Devils
The Legion from Hades
Satan's Radioactive Wanderers
The Dancing League for rent
The Angry Enraged Knife Headquarters
Red Chaingun Rapists
The Mercy Assassins
The Mesmerizing Shadows of Death
Five of Hate
Tall Acid Avatars
The Conscience for John Wayne Gacy
The Gallows Wolves
Lucifer's Service
The Symphony of Putrefaction
The Eight-mile-high Pirates from France
The Ghosts of Jesus
Zeus's Unrepentant Killers
The Eviscerating Enraged Machinegun Ogres
The Awesome Lost Double-barrelled Shotgun Eagles
Evil Razor Robbers
The Bonecrunching City of Doom
The Twisted Lunatic Chaingun Ghouls
God's Butchers from Necropolis
the Apocalypse's Mad Champions
the Apocalypse's Chaotic Decay
The Mighty Mighty Cannon Masters
Our Lady of Hate
Zeus's Chaotic Vigilantes
Jesus's Horrible Force
Dark Guillotine Hogs
The Ugly School from Thanatos
Zeus's Priests
The Phearsome Men
Pale Scythe Eagles
The Symphony for John Wayne Gacy
Jupiter's Burning Deception
The Decomposing Conscience of Death
The Satanic Ghosts of Doom
Zeus's Force
The Dark Rabid Rats from Thanatos
Jupiter's Masters
Five of Hate
Judas's Doctors from Mars
Jesus's Nation for John Wayne Gacy
Jesus's Department
Lucifer's Wonderful Desolation for Jack the Ripper
Blood Animals
The Awful Gallows Clan
God's Twisted Battalion for Bob Denard
The Suicidal Savage Guillotine Squad
Guillotine Palladins
The Beautiful Ninja Thunderbolt, Ltd.
The Scorching Angry Demon Warfare
The Evil Sadistic Gun Mob
Giant Thunder Doctors
The Collective
The Machinegun Psychosis
The Demonic City of Doom
Jupiter's Nightmare for Jack the Ripper
The Wonderful Hypnotic Knife Warfare
Knife Robbers
The Writhing Lords for John Wayne
The New Mighty Blood Eagles
Psychedelic Demon Eagles
The Ugly Ghosts of Jesus
The Unrepentant Clan from Mars
The Psychotic urLords from Mars
The Demonic Hate Gang
Beautiful Demon Wolves
Cannon Fiends
The Posse from Hell
The Rotten Furious Machinegun World
the Apocalypse's Rats
The Toxic Web for Charles Manson
Crimson Acid Animals
Death's Enraged Dragons from rue du Dome
The Majestic World from Hell
The Foul Club of Phear
Guns Knights
The Subliminal City from France
The Atomic Razor Commando
The Bonecrunching Phear Slaughterhouse
Zeus's Syndicate for Lee Harvey Oswald
Death's Suicidal Men from France
Ogres of Pain
The Angry Ultra-violent Chaingun Policy
The Atomic Phear Force
The Howling Ultra-violent Blood, Ltd.
The Riders from rue du Dome
The Puking Lightening Ghouls
The Lightening Kids
Lucifer's Caustic Decay for Bob Denard
Our Lady of Phear
Judas's Eviscerating Ghouls
The Suicidal Death Tendancy
The Pain Surgeons
The Bonecrunching Double-barrelled Shotgun Ghouls
The Ghosts of God
Judas's Beautiful Nation for Judas
The Immortal Web of Fear
Lucifer's Vicious Warriors from France
The Furious City of Pain
Jesus's Dragons from the Underworld
The Scythe Dragons
God's Beautiful Ghouls from Mars
The Scythe Animals
The Lunatic Ghosts of Soul
God's Thieves from Mars
Judas's Rotting Dogs from Necropolis
The Foul Pain Slaughterhouse
The Lords for Jesus
The Stoned Demon Boys
Lucifer's Relflex for Lee Harvey Oswald
Dancing Nail Killers
Warped Scythe Masters
the Apocalypse's Vicious Rats
The Writhing Hate Gang
The Web for Charles Manson
the Apocalypse's Tomcats from France
The Club from the Underworld
Mighty Gun Dogs
The Frightening Mercy Slaughterhouse
Noose Ghouls
The Terrible Web of Hate
The Hallucinogenic Group
The Committee for Jesus
Black Knife Gravediggers
The Clan of the Apocalypse
The City of Fear
Satan's Group for John Wayne
Invincible Cannon Rapists
Death's Surgeons
The Ghosts from Mars
The Demon Overkill
The Awful Phear Assassins
Jesus's Syndicate for Jack the Ripper
The Furious Soul Assault
The Thunderbolt Zombies
Zeus's Bonecrunching Syndicate for rent
Zeus's Wonderful Kids from rue du Dome
Death's Mindbending Eagles from Hell
The Soul Lions
The Hypnotic Shotgun Demons
The Glorious Puking Knife Murderers
The Mercy Warriors
The Rabid Nailgun Vendetta
The Symphony of Soul
The Titanic Furious Thunderbolt Killers
The Posse from Necropolis
The Pale Murderous Devils from Mars
The Titanic Tendancy
Death's Overkill for Lucifer
The Damaged Terrible Chaingun Deception
Satan's Eight-mile-high Phantoms
The Vicious Nailgun Skunks
The Palladins from Necropolis
The Violent Posse of Phear
The Fear Freaks
the Apocalypse's Priests from Thanatos
The Fear Angels
The Radioactive Kids from rue du Dome
Scorching Gallows Pirates
The Terrible Shadows from rue du Dome
The Deadly Pirates from Mars
The Putrefaction World
Judas's Vigilantes
The Gun, Inc.
The Eviscerating Club of God
The Puking Company of Pain
The Pain Philosophy
The Terrible Guillotine Fall
The Psychedelic Demon Knights
The Rotten Conscience from Thanatos
The Fist
The Savage Hypnotic Nail Section
Jupiter's Gibbering Robbers from rue du Dome
The Ultra-violent Dancing Demon Relflex
The Phearsome Phreaks from France
The Surgeons from Thanatos
Satan's Unconcious Priests
The Demonic Hypnotic Axe Fiends
The Furious Celibate Thunder Reaction
Our Lady of Hate
Jesus's Butchers
Jupiter's Satanic Club for Judas
The Terrible Surgeons from France
The League from the Underworld
The urLords from Thanatos
The Murderous Rocket-riding Group
The Awful Hate Syndicate
The Doom, Inc.
The Warped Hallucinogenic Noose Devils
Neptune's World for John Wayne Gacy
The Enraged Conscience for John Wayne Gacy
The Noose Rapists
The Symphony from Mars
Zeus's Amazing Fiends
Our Lady of Pain
The Beautiful Noose Robots
Judas's Decaptitating Clan for Charles Manson
The Knife Robots
The Scorching Fear Gang
The Dark Burning Phantoms from rue du Dome
Zeus's Mighty Commando
The Shadows for Lee Harvey Oswald
The Nailgun Avatars
Satan's Assault for rent
The World for Charles Manson
The Toxic Eternal Machinegun Wizards
The Wonderful Writhing Gun Fury
The Symphony from rue du Dome
The Grey Beautiful Boys from Mars
The Puking Hate World
The Fearsome Shadows of Jesus
Zeus's Decaptitating Masters from Thanatos
The Psychosis
The Guns Phantoms
The Hallucinogenic Demons from Hell
The Club from rue du Dome
The Evil Legion from rue du Dome
Warped Axe Eagles
the Apocalypse's Eternal Assault for Charles Manson
The Phurious Hawks from Hades
The Hate Decay
The Eviscerating Lords of Satan
The Conscience for rent
The Foul Posse from France
Lucifer's Titanic Fury
The Satanic Wolves
Death's Force for Satan
The Celibate Guns Fury
Lucifer's Ogres
The Company of Pain
The Angry Putrefaction Doctors
The Unconcious Legion of Mercy
The Conscience from rue du Dome
Screaming Thunder Gravediggers
The Club of Pain
The Twisted Hallucinogenic Blood Squad
Sadistic Lightening Gibbers
Ogres of Pain
Neptune's Glorious Gnomes from Hell
The Ghosts for Lee Harvey Oswald
The Ugly Howling Chaingun Holocaust
The Ninja Shadows of Chaos
The School of Fear
The Undead Mercy Demons
Lucifer's Giant Champions from Hell
Zeus's Angry Priests
Lost Scythe Marines
The Order of Phear
The Nihilistic Legion of Death
Jesus's Warped City for John Wayne Gacy
The Lions
Five of Mercy
The Fear Commando