Stigma diaboli, Written by ElricWarrior, design Pen of Chaos, Translation by Vicky

C'est l'une des plus subtiles ruses du malin
que d'avoir incité ceux qu'il tourmentait a douter de son existence...

(English: It is one of the most subtle tricks of the devil
to have incited those which he tormented to doubt his existence...)

Quote from Charles Baudelaire

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To undertake a study on demonology, though bold it may seem considering it's chaotic diversity, is a task we shall attempt to shed light upon, while simultaneously maintaining the essential serenity this subject has held throughout the ages.

The anxious reader whishing to develop his knowledge in demonology or to better understand particular aspects of it will now be able to consult this inventory of daemons of all countries, their devilries and the names of some of their henchmen.

Important : None of the crators of Stigma Diaboli form part of a sect or unspecified mystical group. We denounce these kind of pratices and we, ourselves, neither practice or believe in any divinity, daemon, pagan or other worship. This site aims to be both informative and objective, nothing more and nothing less.

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Ce ténébreux savoir est comme la mer. Celui qui y plonge souvent apprendra à y voir, celui qui le pille sentira son étreinte glaciale (ElricWarrior).

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According to the demonologist Weirus, in his book "De Praetistigiis" published in 1568, there were estimated to be 7451926 devils, divided into 1111 legions and obeying 72 infernal princes. Weirus and several other demonologist claimed from their intimate knowledge of the hells discovered that everything controlled itself like on earth: hell arranged itself hierarchically in a infernal court which is divided into princes, ministries and ambassadors.

Since time immemorium, man has been afflicted by the persecutions of malevolent supernatural beings, evil hid itself everywhere, larvae and "lémures" lived underground, vampires attacked the living; terrible Namtar (pestilence) and Ipda (fever) rought havoc in the cities. Night was dominated by evil daemons of the desert, the depths of the sea, the mountain tops and the watery marshes.

Hell, a place of turpitude and fury is, according to Milton, an enormous sphere surrounded by devouring fires. It is placed in the heart of primal chaos and of the formless night. There one can see the five rivers, the despisible river STYX devoted to hatred, the ACHERON is the deep, black river where pain lives, the COCCYTE representing piercing cries, the impetuous PHEGETON whose floods precipitated in torrents of fire, carrying the rage of hearts and finally the quiet LETHE, a tortuous bed in which silent waters roll.

Beyond, extends a zone deserted, obscure and frozen, storm-tossed and hail-beaten all around the horrible pits were one can hear the souls of the damned crying for mercy...

At the gates of hell two impious figures stand. One represents a beatiful woman human to the waist and whose body finishes in a hideous snake-tail with a mortal pivot at the tip. This monster is Sin, begot without mother, a creation issued from the spirit of Satan. The other figure is formless, black and wild, a terror like hell itself, whose head appears to carry a royal crown. This monster is Death, daughter of Satan an Sin.

At a distance PANDEMONIUM rises, capital of the infernal empire, an enormous edifice with grey granite gates oozing death. The eye loses itself in the depths of its enclosure, in the vault hung with evil spells and several lines of illuminous lamps, Satan is there, he makes a sign and now you are in hell.

Now, stigma diaboli is part of you....

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We would like to thank the authors without whom this page would not exist and in particular to give recognition to Pen of Chaos who had the courage to place in his website this myriad of daemons born from the spirit of man kind.

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Intro, list of daemons, bibliography : ElricWarrior
Design, presentation, host and pieces of history : Pen of Chaos
Translation : Vicky

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